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10 of the best restaurants in Istanbul

  1. Şansölye: With a beautiful atmosphere, excellent service, and high-quality food, Şansölye is one of the best restaurants in Istanbul.

  2. Nunu: This restaurant offers the best romantic atmosphere and delicious food.

  3. Hacı Abdullah: With more than a century of history, this restaurant offers local dishes such as kebab, meatballs, and mezze.

  4. Balykçı: If you are looking for delicious seafood, this restaurant offers fresh and delightful dishes.

  5. Spice Bazaar Restaurant: Located next to the busy Spice Bazaar, this restaurant offers a beautiful terrace and delicious Turkish cuisine.

  6. Florentina: With beautiful decor and delicious Italian food, Florentina is among the high-end restaurants in Istanbul.

  7. Lokanta: With a simple design and traditional Turkish dishes, Lokanta is popular among the people of Istanbul.

  8. Mardin Restaurant: With a unique decoration and delicious Turkish dishes, Mardin Restaurant is a popular tourist attraction in Istanbul.

  9. Capitol Restaurant: With a beautiful design and a pleasant atmosphere, this restaurant offers local dishes such as kebab, meatballs, and mezze.

  10. 360 Istanbul: With an unparalleled view of the city and delicious food, 360 Istanbul is among the top restaurants in Istanbul. This restaurant has a terrace overlooking the beautiful city and the sea, and is popular among both foreign and domestic tourists.

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