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How can Turkish food and coffee increase the appeal of photography?

Updated: Apr 30

Istanbul is a city that is famous for its Turkish food and coffee. For photographers, these foods and drinks can be important as an attractive source of photography in this city. In this article, we will review Turkish foods and coffees that are very attractive for photography.

Turkish coffee is one of the most famous Turkish drinks known all over the world. This drink is served warm in a small glass and is accompanied by Turkish sweets such as baklava, lokum, kenufe and sotelo nourieh. Turkish coffee has a very strong and pleasant flavor that can be recognized as a signature blend in your photos.

In Turkish cuisine, there are many that can become an interesting subject in your photos. For example, doner kebab is one of the most famous dishes in Turkey, which includes minced meat, vegetables, bread and various sauces. Despite its wonderful taste, doner kebab can be one of your images as a food that is very attractive because of its beauty and color.

Istanbul modeling photography by Entezarstudio
Istanbul modeling photography by Entezarstudio

Piedeh is a type of pizza in the shape of a boat and unique to Turkey, which is cooked in its traditional and original way in ovens and wood-fired ovens. Like pizzas, pitas have different types and are used in some foods such as red meat and vegetables, and only one egg is enough.

Istanbul coupe photography by Entezarstudio
Istanbul couple photography by Entezarstudio

Simit bread is a round and hollow bread, on which sesame, flax or other such eggs are poured. This bread dates back to the 16th century AD and is considered a kind of snack. Like Turkish ice cream, which is prepared with a combination of different fruits, milk and sugar. These ice creams are very attractive in your photos with their beautiful colors and appearance.

Another famous drink in Türkiye is Turkish sherbet. These drinks include various juices that are prepared by adding cold water and ice. If syrups are made with natural fruits, they can be recognized as an attractive and different subject in your photos.

Finally, Turkish food and Turkish coffee can be known as one of the attractive subjects for photography in Istanbul. With beautiful looking and tasty food, you can get attractive pictures, along with drinks like Turkish coffee and Turkish syrups.

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