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The top 10 locations in Istanbul for wedding and pre-shoot photography

Updated: Jun 28

Bridal photography in Istanbul with beautiful architecture and attractive natural scenery offers a unique and exceptional experience for couples interested in photography and the art of photography. Join us to introduce some of these beautiful sights to choose the right place for bridal photography or wedding photography before photography in Istanbul ( pre shoot wedding photography ) :

  1. Blue Mosque: This mosque with its special architecture and two tall minarets is very attractive for bridal photography.

  2. Amirgan Park: This park with its green lawns and tall trees is very suitable for outdoor and natural photography.

  3. Topkapi Palace: This location with blue and white colors and other facilities is suitable for photography in a beautiful and unique environment.

  4. Billerby Palace: With its beautiful and rich architecture, this palace is suitable for outdoor and indoor photography.

  5. Sulaymaniyah Mosque: This mosque is very attractive for indoor photography with its beautiful and peaceful architecture.

  6. Galata Tower: This tower with a high height and a 360-degree view is very attractive for photographing the views of the city and the surrounding area.

  7. Taksim Square: This square with diverse architecture and crowded markets is very attractive for photographing crowded and lively spaces.

  8. Sultan Ahmed Mosque: This mosque with walls decorated with beautiful tiles and tall domes is very attractive for indoor photography.

  9. Esteghlal Street: This street is very attractive for photographing busy and lively spaces with its large and varied shops and its own architecture.

  10. Bosphorus Beach: This beach with its beautiful and attractive views of the sea and surrounding islands is very suitable for photographing natural scenery.

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