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Turkish delicacies

Updated: Mar 31

Turkish and Istanbul cuisine are known as one of the best tourist destinations in the world and one of the most beautiful and warmest countries in Southern Europe. With a variety of foods ranging from traditional dishes to modern ones, Turkey has become one of the best places to visit, and it's hard to ignore its delicious cuisine.

Turkish cuisine, in general, consists of healthy, high-quality, and tasty food. Turkish pepper bread, Turkish tea, borek, kebab, and baklava are among the dishes that every tourist should try during their trip to Turkey.

One of the popular local foods in Istanbul is "doner." Doner means "rotated," and it includes ground meat and vegetables inside a bread roll with rice, salad, bell pepper, onion, and sausage. Doner is served with sweet and sour sauce and is usually decorated with black olives.

Turkish cuisine, with its diversity and authenticity, is suitable for personal photography and creating an attractive and different narrative. By photographing these local foods, you can showcase Turkish culture and history and share your unique travel experience with others.

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