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What are the advantages of Pre-shoot?

Updated: Apr 30

At our photography service, we highly recommend considering a "pre-shoot" session for your special day. This approach enables us to conduct the photography project on a different day than the main ceremony, providing more comfort and freedom for both the couples and our photography team. This way, both parties feel psychologically secure and can fully enjoy the photo session without any stress. Moreover, a "pre-shoot" session allows for enough time and relaxation during the project, resulting in a higher quality of performance and more favorable results.

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, a "pre-shoot" session enables us to utilize the maximum capability and creativity of our photography team. We can save time and energy by optimizing the surrounding facilities, photography equipment, and accessories. This approach allows us to take more shots in different locations and make the most of various daylight conditions, including the sought-after "golden hours of photography." As a result, our clients can expect stunning and memorable photographs that they will cherish for a lifetime.

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