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Terms of Service

1-Best time to book
   The best time to book a photography package is between 3 months and 2 weeks before the date you want to take pictures.

2-  Payment of Contract

    An amount equivalent to 30% of the total contract will be received from the client as a down payment at the time of contract preparation.

    The remaining 70% of the contract amount will be paid by the client to the contractor as settlement at the end of photography and filming.

3- Rescheduling Photography Session

   If you need to reschedule the photography session, please inform our team at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled time. (This change will be free of charge) Our rescheduling policy is as follows: If you reschedule with more than 3 days' notice, there will be no charge for rescheduling.

   If you reschedule within 3 days of your scheduled photography session, a 10% fee will be added to the package price. (Except in emergencies and special cases) Our cancellation policy is as follows:

   A) If you cancel your reservation more than 3 days prior to the photography session, we will provide you with credit for the same value of photography that you can use within 3 months without any additional cost

   B) If you cancel your reservation within 3 days of the photography session, no credit or refund (for the down payment) will be provided.

   C) In case of emergencies and special situations (natural disasters, illness, direct family emergencies), we will provide you with credit for the same value of photography that you can use within 3 months by rescheduling.   

      *Note: Cancellation during holiday seasons must be done one week prior to the filming date, such as summer and new year holidays.

4- Cancellation by the customer without prior notice
     If you do not attend the photography session at the time and place agreed in the contract, no refund will be made. The advance payment of the reservation will be sent to the photographer.

5- Plan in advance
    We recommend that you arrive at your meeting place 20 minutes before the scheduled time. If you are late, it will be deducted from the time allotted for your photography session, unless your photographer has the possibility to change the time. If you do not notify the photographer for any reason and are more than 30 minutes late, it will be considered as a no-show and the booking fee will not be refunded. If you have informed your photographer, please keep in mind that the photographer will not be able to stay longer due to time constraints.
If you arrive late for your photography session, any time elapsed will be deducted from your chosen package.
If you want to extend the duration of your photography package from the duration of the contract, each additional hour will cost from 50 dollars and above based on the type of contract.

6- Additional costs

Transportation costs (car rental, taxi, etc.) or additional costs related to entering specific locations such as museums, parks, boats, buses, food, etc. are the responsibility of the customer (except in cases specified in the contract).

7- How to receive and choose photos

     The photos taken during the photography session will certainly include more items than those mentioned in the contract. After sending all the taken photos in an unedited format and in JPEG (low size) to your email, Telegram, or WhatsApp address, you can proceed to select the specified number of photos in the contract.

    *Note: If you choose more photos than your contract specifies for editing, you can inform our team to purchase additional photos.

8 - Providing the original file of photos

     The computer file of the photos (in RAW format) remains with us as an archive and cannot be presented to the customer. If the customer wants to receive a computer file of his photos, you must inform him while paying the relevant fees (it is agreed).

9- Edit and Delivery of Photos

     Editing of your selected photos will generally include adjustments to brightness and color. (except in cases specified in the contract, which may include full retouching).

Professional Photoshop editing, which involves major changes to the photo, such as removing or fundamentally altering location elements, models, skin retouching, changing the size of facial features, arranging clothing, or edits that significantly alter the original image, will not be possible.

Professional editing of each photo beyond what is included in the package and Photoshop requests involving the above items (clause 9) will be possible for an additional fee.

10- Possible damages and injuries

       In case of any incident (due to the digital, mechanical and electronic nature of the equipment used) leading to the damage or loss of a part of the film and photos, the executor is committed to refund the received amount for the relevant part (and the remaining contents of the contract remain valid and the applicant has no right to object in this regard).

11-Possible changes in the film

     The maximum time for possible changes to the film is 48 hours after delivering the edited film to the customer. If the deadline is not respected, the executor will not have any commitment regarding the above changes, and if necessary, the cost of editing will be the responsibility of the customer.

12-Possible changes in the film

       The service provider commits to delivering the work with a quality that is customary in the industry and based on previous samples, within a minimum of 20 working days while considering the client's taste and specific customs, but not necessarily as a guarantor of the client's taste.

13-Confirm the reservation

     Confirmation of the reservation and registration of the contract is subject to payment of the advance payment. In case of non-payment, there will be no obligation to provide the service on the same date for the service provider.

14-Privacy and policy

     The privacy of the Entezar Studio photography website and related matters of intellectual property or ownership are expected to be maintained by or its licensors. All contents of the website, including images, texts, videos, trademarks, logos, and other content related to the intellectual and property ownership of this site and its licensors.

Any use, copying, reproduction, distribution, or use of the contents of the website in any way, including use on websites, social networks, blogs, magazines, print, or sale, either in whole or in part, is unauthorized and may result in legal action.

Therefore, the best way to use the contents of the website is to request permission from the owners of the intellectual and property ownership.

     We welcome any questions or comments about our policies and privacy. Contact us via email

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